Les Eauvis, France

Time Period27 March 1918 - 28 March 1918

62140 Les Eauvis, Le Quesnoy-en-Artois, France

The landing field at Les Eauvis

The long serving local Mayor, Monsieur Philippe Mazure with the Webmaster's wife, May Brooke.
We asked the mayor how he knew the location of this landing ground which was only used for a couple of days.
He told us that in his early days as Mayor he knew an old man who had witnessed the field being used by the RFC.
We also asked him, "How many people, besides yourself, know this information?"
He shrugged and replied, "Only me!"

The landing ground of Les Eauvis

49Sqn and Les Eauvis

27 Mar 1918 - 28 Mar 1918

The squadron stayed here for only a couple of days during which time most RFC units were flying close support missions to try and stem the German advance.
Crews returned repeatedly to the face of the battle to make attacks and to try and gather information that would allow headquarters to make sense of the situation.
During this period the RFC suffered very heavy losses but 49Sqn remained loss free.
On March 28/29th 49Sqn was on the move again to Boisdinghem.