Beauvois (1), France

Time Period21 June 1918 - 14 July 1918

1st period of occupancy by 49Sqn.

62130 Beauvois, Pas-de-Calais, France

Photographed by Malcolm Brooke

After a few false starts we spoke with the farmer who lives just behind the village sign (see picture above). He checked with his mother who confirmed the presence of an English airfield close to their village.
He drew a sketch which enabled us to locate the site of the airfield.

Beauvois aerodrome used to be located in these fields

Dated 5th July 1918 (49Sqn were based here on this date)
This location could be near the top corner of the red rectangle in the Google Map shown above

Dated 4th September 1918 (49Sqn were based here on this date)

Dated 26th September 1918 (49Sqn were based here on this date)

49Sqn and Beauvois (visit 1)
21 Jun 1918 - 14 Jul 1918

Casualties: 6 x DH9, 2 x pow The bombing of the enemy rail network was reviewed at this time and it was decided that a programme aimed at hindering enemy concentrations in the La Bassée-Ypres area should be begun. It was to last about two weeks and detailed records were to be kept of the effectiveness of these raids to provide a test bed for operational bombing techniques.
Most of the squadron losses during this "quiet" period of the war were due to accidents.
However, German PoWs revealed the timings of a major new offensive in the French area of Champagne and 49Sqn flew south once again to support the French forces.
Their new home was to be Rozay-en-Brie.