Stalag VIJ (6J)


The camp HQ is located north of the A44 near the Krefeld-Fichtenhain exit

The camp was used between October 1939 and October 1944 when it moved north to Dorsten due to the Allied advance. It would appear that WO2 O'Reilly's captivity here was rather short (he was shot down in June 1944).

Figures for the numbers of PoWs varies but there were several tens of thousands in the area mostly formed into work parties of between 20-50 prisoners. To organise such a large number of different groups was obviously a major logistical task and the buildings remaining are mainly from the camp administration. Following the surrender of Italy, the very many Italian PoWs imprisoned here were treated with great suspicion as they were considered to be traitors.

Although the camp was inspected six times by the Red Cross (between November 1940 and July 1944) only one report of about 20 lines is known to exist from the 1940 inspection.

The above postcard came from Stalag 6J. There were many French and Polish PoWs held here.

The area of the camp has been transformed into spaces for small businesses. However, during a recent visit by Dominic Howard (August 2013), it was noticed that many buildings were empty.

Many of the buildings are of WW2 origin but have been extensively renovated.
All images are courtesy of Dominic Howard

The following 49Sqn aircrew member was a prisoner here during WW2

O'Reilly E N