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Stephen George Cockrane
Sgt (later Flying Officer)
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Air Gunner
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Sgt Sherman flew 26 operations with 49Sqn (25 as rear gunner and 1 as the mid-upper).

The vast majority were with F/L T D Taylor. His first operation was the 3rd April 1943 and the last on 23rd September 1943. These included 4 to Berlin, the Milan raid and Peenemünde.

The crew of ED721 taken at Fiskerton sometime between May & August 1943. 
Rear row 4th from left is Jock Stopani, 5th is Bob Seddon, 6th John Costello.
Font row 2nd from left George Boag, 3rd Steve Sherman, 4th Eric Winstanley, 5th Tommy Taylor. 

P/O T D Taylor (Pilot)
Sgt E Winstanley (Flight Engineer)
Sgt J A Costello (Navigator)
Sgt R Seddon (Bomb Aimer)
Sgt J Stopani (Wireless Operator)
Sgt G Boag (Mid Upper Gunner)
Sgt S Sherman (Rear Gunner)

A signed bank note following a stop-over in Algeria following the 20/06/1943 raid on Friedrichshaven.

The note is signed by the Taylor crew and other 49Sqn members (including 'Chan' Chandler).

P/O T D Taylor (Pilot), Sgt E Winstanley (Flight Engineer), Sgt J A Costello (Navigator), Sgt R Seddon (Bomb Aimer), Sgt J Stopani (Wireless Operator), Sgt G Boag (Mid Upper Gunner) and Sgt S Sherman (Rear Gunner).

Steve Sherman was a very good friend of Roy Stopani and was popular with Roy's children.

Courtesy of Heather Sloan (formerly Stopani) we have a picture of "Uncle Steve".

Flying Officer Sherman was killed flying a second tour with 97Sqn on 10th May 1944 during a raid to Lille.

He is buried in the Lesquin Communal Cemetery.

Photographed by Dom Howard.
Dom informs us that a large bouquet of flowers was temporarily moved to one side to take this photograph.


Extract is from Bill Chorley's Bomber Command Losses

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