Personnel Index - Detail

First Names
Joseph Charlton
Service Number
924140 (NCO) 138024 (Officer)
Crew Position
Wireless Operator/Air Gunner


Awarded the DFM.
Later promoted to Squadron Leader.
Flew 25 Hampden operations (as Sergeant) with 49Sqn.


Shortly after10.00hrs, the unit dispatched 2 aircraft for daylight sorties against targets in Germany. The Robinson crew (AD979) of Black, Price and Mossop were detailed to bomb the barracks at Cuxhaven. These could not be located, so the crew then went on to bomb and strafe the local aerodrome.

Facing intense ground fire Sgt Pilot Robinson took his aircraft down to 100ft to carry out the attack. During the assault, one hangar was seen to blow up and 2 aircraft were set on fire on the ground; the town was also machine gunned. Inevitably the Hamden sustained numerous flak hits and was severely shot up. Sadly, F/Sgt Stuart Black RNZAF, was struck by fragments from a cannon shell and killed.

The pilot now had to get the battered aircraft back to England. Making landfall over the Norfolk coast, the aircraft made for Bircham Newton, where without the use of hydraulics (rendered useless by cannon shells) he managed a successful crash-landing; timed at 16.35hrs.
F/Sgt Black is buried in Great Bircham Churchyard in Norfolk.

Hampden AD979
Sgt R.J. Robinson Pilot (Unhurt)
F/S S.C. Black RNZAF Nav/Pilot (Killed)
Sgt J. Price W/AG (Unhurt)
Sgt W. Mossop W/AG (Unhurt)

"Posted out" 1976.