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Edward Donald
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Awarded the DFC.

Flew 28 Hampden operations with 49Sqn.

S/L Parker was killed on 17th January 1943 whilst flying with 61Sqn on a raid to Berlin and is buried in the Berlin War Cemetery.

Photographed by Dom Howard.


The following details are given in the London Gazette of 6th August, 1940.

On the night of 8th June, 1940, this officer was first pilot of an aircraft loaded with four 500-lb. bombs, detailed for bombing operations. Just after taking off the port engine failed, and P/O. Parker could gain neither height nor speed on only one engine. Reducing speed to 80 M.P.H. he switched off his engine and "felt" the aircraft into the nearest field in complete darkness. The aircraft crashed, however, and immediately burst into flames. P/O. Parker got clear to find that his navigator and air gunner were safe, but the wireless operator was lying stunned near the burning aircraft. With complete disregard for his own safety, and knowing that the bombs might explode at any moment he returned and carried his wireless operator to safety. While he was doing so a bomb exploded but P/O. Parker saved the airman further injury by throwing him to the ground. This officer displayed exceptional coolness, resourcefulness and courage throughout, and in face of extreme danger undoubtedly saved the life of his wireless operator.