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Ronald Peter
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Information kindly provided by Mike Keen (son of Ronald Keen):

Ron Keen joined 49 squadron at Scampton and became an armourer mainly "bombing up" Hampdens.
I know he was at Fiskerton and Dunholm but I don't think he was at Fulbeck.
I know when he left the squadron he was one of the most experienced bomb loaders and was one of those who used to do any "specials".
He spoke to me about loading UK based bombers with a medium capacity to bomb northern Italy (Pisa possibly).
He also spoke of clearing up after a Hampden (I think) had crashed on or near the airfield and helping to recover pieces of the dead aircrew. He found a boot with a foot in it - it must have been shocking for all concerned. 

He was put on an NCO's course but in the meantime volunteered for overseas service. He was posted away from 49 squadron and went to Southern Italy (Foggia area) then to Yugoslavia working on Spitfires.

An earlier image of Ron Keen (RHS) with an unknown airman (and horse).