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William Francis
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Posted in 6/44


Flew 5 operations in June 1944 before he (and his crew) were posted to 619Sqn on the 25th June 1944.

9th June:  Etampes (2nd Pilot)
14th June: Aunby sur Odon
16th June: Beauvoir
21st June: Wesseling
24th June: Pommerval (see target photo below)

The 49Sqn 'Jordan crew' photographed whilst serving with 619Sqn

Rear row (L to R): Sgt F W BeltSgt S A Fearon, F/S J C Speckman, Sgt C C Newton
Front row (L to R): Sgt H E Hayes, F/L W F Jordan, Sgt J H Herring

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Photographs courtesy of Robin Jordan

The target photograph from the raid 24/25th June 1944.

F/O Jordan's comments from the ORB state...........

"Pommereval. 00.08hrs. 7,500ft. 3rd wave. Hazy. Bombed M.P.I. [Mean Point of Impact] of two green T.I's. Could not observe ground detail owing to photo flashes bursting. Bombing seemed well concentrated on green T.I's."
Photo via Alain Trouplin.

Additional career details provided by F/O Jordan's son (Robin Jordan):
William Jordan joined 49 squadron on the 8th June 1944 from 5 LFS Syerston and left with his crew on the 25th June 1944 to join 619Sqn.
He reached the rank of Squadron Leader and was awarded the DFC partly as a result of bringing the damaged bomber back safely when he himself was wounded and F/S J Speckman killed........5th August 1944, target - St. Leu D'Esserent.

His logbook states.........."On the run-up (to the target) a/c received a direct hit under the nose by heavy flak. The Air Bomber (F/S J Speckman) was fatally wounded and bombs dropped by F/Eng, who went forward to press release button.”
The logbook also states, “Wounded by flak, A/Bomber Killed”.

The aircraft was diverted to Tangmere.