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Peter Warren
Group Captain
Service Number
Crew Position
Posting In
Posted in 4/43 and out 9/43


Awarded the AFC, DSO, DFC, OBE.

Flew 16 operations with 49Sqn.

18th CO of the Squadron.

This airman flew Lancaster ED999 at least for an image and information about this aircraft.

An extract from the obituary:
Peter Johnson was reputed to have led more bomber raids in the Second World War - and some of the most dangerous and successful ones - than any other commander.
Yet after the war and until the day of his death (when he was at work on his fourth book, a novel) he made a detailed and prolonged study of the effects of this form of warfare.
This made him unpopular in the Air Ministry and Ministry of Defence. Neither Bill Clinton nor Tony Blair would, it seems, agree with his views as they look towards Baghdad and Kosovo.
Bruce Kent, on the other hand, hailed his 1995 memoir 'The Withered Garland', which sets out his case (it is subtitled "Reflections and Doubts of a Bomber"), as the book of the century.

The full obituary for G/C Peter Warren Johnson

For details of his book, please see the Publications page.