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Posted in 4/45


Awarded the DFM.

F/Sgt Holden completed a tour of operations with 44Sqn before transferring to 49Sqn.

W/O Holden flew one operation with 49Sqn on the 16th April 1945.

An official 44Sqn photograph taken on the 29th January 1944 as the crew returned from Berlin.

From L to R: F/Sgt A Holden, Sgt V Laker, Sgt F Garrett, W/O Q Snow, P/O B Soper, F/L A Wright (in the door), Sgt R Bateman

(Those hyperlinked in bold began a second tour with 49sqn)

A document written by Quentin Snow for the family of F/L Albert Wright. Although many of the descriptions refer to operations with 44Sqn, they vividly describe the wartime life of a bomber crew. Pages 41 onwards describe operations with 49Sqn.
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