49 Squadron Awards

Recollections of a crew member:

Dick Bonnett was an Englishman, late 20's - he had been a captain or something in the army so he came straight in as a flight lieutenant. There was Bill Myers, he'd be about 26; he was the bomb aimer. Australian Dick Dangerfield was the navigator - first class, spot on, he used to get sick when we were shot at but he'd carry straight on. Then there was Ray Lawrence, the wireless operator, also Australian. Eric Brooks was the rear gunner, he was English, and the flight engineer was called Bob Wallace.

The pilot got the DFC and the navigator and bomb aimer each got the DFM because we got something like 13 shots in a row on the aiming point. It got quite embarrassing at one stage because when we were at briefing and they asked the Bonnett crew to stand up as an example.