The Summary of the United States Strategic Bombing Survey

The United States Strategic Bombing Survey was on an altogether much larger scale to the British survey.

The organisation was comprised of over 300 cilivilans, 350 officers and 500 enlisted men.

They inspected several hundred German plants and cities. They amassed volumes of statistical and documentary material including top level German government papers and they interviewed virtually all the surviving political and military leaders.

Inspection teams visit the Opel Factory at Russelsheim, Germany

Germany was scoured for its war records - rarely found where expected!

They were located in safe deposit boxes, private houses, in barns, caves and once, in a hen house.

On two significant occasions they were discovered hidden in coffins.

Over two hundred individual reports and an 'Over-all' report were produced.

The report which can be downloaded from this page is a summary of all the 'Over-all' report.

It is extremely readable and informative as it covers the results of the Allied bombing campaign - both US and RAF.

Click the image or this link to view/download the European War section of the report (opens in a new window)