Leslie Hay

F/Lt Hay DFC was known as ‘Will’ after the forties comedian Will Hay. During the war he became ‘Uncle Will’ as his usual Lancaster was coded U-Uncle; a name that stuck with him and most people knew him as only that. 
He completed a full tour of 35 operations as a skipper with 49 Squadron.

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In 1946 a Squadron Reunion dinner was arranged by F/Lt Leslie Hay which took place on 1st February 1947 and Reg Denny, whom he knew on the Squadron, printed the tickets.
They decided to describe themselves as 49 Squadron Association, an arrangement so successful that it continued for some years until ‘Uncle Will’ (Leslie Hay) could no longer afford the time and Reg Denney took over the arrangements.

A kind, helpful and welcoming man and with Reg Denny, founder of our Association.

Leslie Hay - RHS (with Ted Cachart and Alan Parr)