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William Forster
Service Number
Crew Position
Wireless Operator
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Posted 7/41


Flew 30 operations with 49Sqn.

Flt Lt Graham was killed whilst flying with 619Sqn (see below).

He is buried in Hannover Cemetery.

Photographed by Ed Norman (49Sqn Archivist).

The extract from Chorley's Bomber Command Losses

F/Sgt Graham (as he became) was promoted to Pilot Officer on the 25th September 1942.


Additional details via Colin Cripps (49Sqn Researcher):

Trying to establish a sequence of events is made difficult by the fact that four aircraft from the same raid are listed as "lost without trace" and, in any event, I have no information on their crash locations. What further compounds this difficulty is that the Luftwaffe made 16 claims, according to an OKL report, of which we have details of some 13.

There are four known claims in the general area where PD425 crashed:

03.01 hrs - Pl.Q. LS-MS - Hager (using upward-firing cannon)
03.04 hrs - Pl.Q. LS-MS - Hager (using upward-firing cannon)
03.11 hrs - Pl.Q. LT - Hager (using forward-firing cannon)
03.28 hrs - Pl.Q. unknown but probably LT - Lau (method unknown)

PD425, if the crash location near Netze is correct (and I believe it is, as I obtained info that it crashed SSW of Liberator TS526), crashed in Pl.Q. MT 1, and was assessed has having been attacked by a night foghter with upward-firing cannon, following interrogation of surviving crew members.

Therefore, depending on the accuracy and validity of the info on the crash time of 0328 hrs, then it is reasonable, but by no means 100% certain, to assume that Lau was the victor.