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Flew with 49Sqn in Kenya.

Photograph courtesy of Anthony Rickard

Eastleigh, Nairobi in November 1953.

From L to R:

F/L Cyril Rickard (Pilot)
F/O Freddy Fausch (Nav/Radar Plotter)
Sgt Alan 'Bronco' North (Flight Engineer)
Sgt Jock Todd (Rear Gunner)
Sgt Fred Pitman (Navigator Plotter)
Sgt Steve Stephens (Air Signaller)

Crew details via Sgt Steve Stephens:
The main job of Flying Officer 'Freddy' Fausch (navigator radar operator) was to operate the blind-bombing equipment and carry out all non visual bombing. Central to the system was the H2S plan position radar with its accuracy heavily dependant on the interpretation skills of the operator (the radar returns varied considerably depending on the over flown terrain and the direction of the aeroplanes approach) It was temperamental and prone to break-down and would keep the operator fully occupied; a much improved version was later the standard fit for the V Bombers. Fred was able to use the other bits of radar that we carried and was fully qualified in all navigation duties. By the way Freddy's peculiar shape is because he is carrying his revolver beneath his flying overall.