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First Names
Oldrich Dennis
Service Number
1259786 (NCO) 143580 (Officer)
Crew Position
Wireless Operator/Air Gunner
Posting In
Posting Out


Awarded the DFM.

Flew 28 Hampden operations in a variety of crew positions.

F/O Blaha was killed whilst flying with 44Sqn on the 2nd January 1944 and is buried in the Berlin War Cemetery.

Photographed by Dom Howard.


Extract is from Bill Chorley's Bomber Command Losses

6/7 September, 1942; DUISBURG - NICKELS/RHEIMS:

Sgt Thom (R5744), flying as captain for the first time, successfully completed a leaflet sortie in the Rheims area of France. Meanwhile, the Main Force, comprising 207 bombers attacked Duisburg. The squadron dispatched 9 aircraft, all of which attacked the target successfully. Whilst on their bomb run P/O Jeffreys (R5752) and crew received three direct hits from flak, during which time the 2nd pilot, Sgt Gregory-Coleman RAAF and Sgt Maloney were wounded. The aircraft Captain managed to nurse his Lancaster back to England where over Orfordness he ordered four crew members to parachute to safety. P/O Jeffreys remained at the controls in order to attempt a safe landing with his wounded comrades onboard. A belly landing was made at Martlesham Heath airfield, but sadly too late for Sgt Gregory-Coleman who had succumbed to his injuries.
He is buried in Ipswich Cemetery.

Lancaster R5752
P/O G.S. Jeffreys Pilot (Injured)
Sgt W.P.J. Gregory-Coleman RAAF 2nd Pilot (Killed)
Sgt J. Harrison (Safe)
Sgt O.D. Blaha W/AG (Safe)
Sgt W.L. Van Der Dasson RCAF (Safe)
Sgt J.C. Morgan (Safe)
Sgt P. Maloney W/AG (Injured)