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Norman Frank
Pilot Officer
Service Number
Crew Position
Wireless Operator
Posting Details
Posted in 10/44


Flew 24 operations with 49Sqn.
Targets included several operations against the canals at Ladbergen/Gravenhorst and one of the final raids of the war to Nordhausen (V2s) on the 4th April 1945.

This photograph was taken after the raid to Nordhausen on the 4th April 1945.
L to R (rear): Sgt Walters, P/O Wells, F/O Bromfield, F/O Browning, Sgt McLeod
L to R (kneeling): Sgt Palmer, F/S Johnson

For this operation, the Flight Engineer was a Sgt Palmer (for all other trips it had been F/S W Garbett).

F/O K A Bromfield (Pilot)
F/S W Garbett (F/E)
F/O B G Browning (Nav)
F/S F H Johnson (B/A)
P/O N F Wells (W/OP)
Sgt MCV McLeod (MUG)
Sgt R D Walters (RG)