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Photographed by Malcolm Brooke
Part of the panel at Runnymede

The Runnymede image was created by artist Paul Reid using photographs taken by Jo Cockburn and Malcolm Brooke

19/20 April, 1942; MINELAYING:

On the evening of Sunday 19th April, the squadron dispatched 3 aircraft to lay mines in the Terschelling area. All 3 Hampdens were airborne from Scampton by 20.46hrs, crossing the Lincolnshire coast near Mablethorpe heading for Ameland.
Two of the aircraft carried out their sorties in very difficult conditions. In extreme darkness and haze, both crews were forced to carry out time and distance runs to plant their vegetables, before returning to base. The third aircraft was reported 'missing without trace'; Sgt Frank Slingo (AT217) and crew are believed to have come down in the North Sea off the Frisian Islands. On 13 July, the body of F/Sgt Ernie Jackson was washed ashore on the island of Rottumeroog. The pilot is buried in Sage War Cemetery near Oldenburg, Germany. The bodies of Sgt Ian McLaren and Sgt Ray Webley were never found, and they are remembered on the Runnymede Memorial.
They were the final Hampden crew to be lost by 49 Squadron during the Second World War.

Hampden AT217 (EA-S)
Sgt F.W. Slingo Pilot (Killed)
F/S E.W. Jackson W/Ag (Killed)
Sgt I. McLaren A/OB (Missing)
Sgt R.J. Webley W/AG (Missing)