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Edward Thomas Ebenezer
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Photographed by Malcolm Brooke

49Sqn Association

14/15 January, 1944; BRUNSWICK:

Nearly 500 bombers, including 9 from 49 Squadron were monitored by the Germans shortly after leaving the English coast, en-route for Brunswick and its important aircraft component and engineering works. There was a good deal of fighter activity from the coast to the target.
The raid itself was not a success with much of the bombing falling in open country. One of the squadron's aircraft failed to return from the operation. F/Lt Andrew Tancred (JB295) and crew in R-Robert were brought down over Germany. F/Sgt Branigan the flight engineer and navigator Sgt Jerrard were the only survivors. The other crew members are buried in Hannover War Cemetery.

Lancaster JB295 (EA-R)
F/L A.T. Lawson-Tancred Pilot (Killed)
Sgt H.D. Jerrard F/E (P.o.W.)
F/S W.E. Branigan NAV (P.o.W.)
Sgt T.J. Smith W/AG (Killed)
Sgt R. Phipps A/G (Killed)
Sgt D.H. Shaw B/A (Killed)
Sgt E.T.E. Sullivan A/G (Killed)

Crew on their 8th operation

Edward Sullivan photographed during training.

The two images below appear to have been taken at the same time and location (the car wheel arch can be seen in both images) but with the crew standing in different positions.

L-R......Sgt Shaw (BA), Sgt Sullivan (AG), Sgt Jerrard (FE), Sgt Smith (W/Op), Sgt Phipps (AG) and F/Sgt Branigan (NAV)

L to R......Sgt Shaw (BA), Sgt Phipps (AG), Sgt Sullivan (AG), Sgt Jerrard (FE), Sgt Smith (W/Op),  and F/Sgt Branigan (NAV)

Debriefing the crew following a raid to Berlin on 22/23 November 1943.....their faces say a lot about the experience.

The image shows the Intelligence Officer with (L to R) F/L Andrew Lawson-Tancred, Sgt Smith (face obscured), F/Sgt Branigan (drinking), Sgt Phipps, Sgt Shaw (standing at the rear), Sgt Sullivan (wearing the red scarf) and Sgt Jerrard (smoking with back to the camera).

In PoW journals, Sgt Jerrard is described as spending most of his time reading and smoking.

The early graves before reburial with individual headstones.

Bev Standing (and her husband Bob) at her Uncle's grave on a beautiful day in May 2016.

The Association would like to thank Bev and her husband for providing additional photographs for this page.