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Captain Stokes had an eventful career with the following incidents being recorded.

25th April 1918:
DH 9 (serial C6121) Taxied into ditch on aerodrome while learning locality.
Lt DS Cramb Ok/Lt RC Stokes Ok

25th May 1918:
DH9 (serial 
C1173) Turned on nose after caught by wind on landing from bombing Cappty aerodrome.
Lt RC Stokes Ok/Pte1 LC Norman Ok

11th June 1918:
DH9 (serial C2185) Forced landing at Fouquerolles after main petrol tank longeron all main planes tail fin rudder and prop shot through during bombing. 
Lt RC Stokes Ok/Lt CE Pullen Ok 

18th June 1918:
DH9 (serial D463)  Bad landing from bombing Roye. 
Lt RC Stokes Ok/Lt FC Aulagnier Ok 

7th August 1918:

DH9 (serial D3085) Bad landing from bombing Tournai junction. 
Lt RC Stokes Ok/2Lt CE Pullen Ok

9th August 1918:
Lt RC Stokes wounded in combat.

11th August 1918:
Lt Stokes was injured when his DH9 (serial C2185) made a forced landing near Fouquerolles after a combat with enemy fighters.
His Observer, 2/Lt C E Pullen was also injured.

Believed posted to S.Africa.