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Awarded the AFC.

Flew with Ted Flavell's crew for the first Atomic Trial Maralinga 11th October 1956​ .

Operation Buffalo - the first British atomic bomb dropped from an airplane.

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Pilot, S/L Flavell and Co-pilot F/L Ledger and, in no specific order......F/L Ford, S/L Stacey, F/L Spencer with the Crew Chief (?)

The main and backup crews for Operation Buffalo.
Front Row:
John Finnis ( B/A Standby),  Ken Edmonds ( Nav/Plotter Standby),  Ted Flavell (Main pilot), George Ford (Main AEO), Eric Stacey (Main B/A)     

Rear Row:
John Mitchell (Co-pilot Standby), Gordon Spencer (Main Nav/Plotter), Frank Coulton (Standby AEO), Bob Bates (Standby Pilot), John Ledger (Main Co-pilot)

Image and information courtesy of Pete Sharp - 'The Vickers Valiant- The Forgotten One' Association.

A member of The Megaton Club.