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Daniel Joseph
Pilot Officer
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Lancaster ED444
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17/18th January, 1943; BERLIN:

Over 180 bombers followed the same route back to Berlin as the previous night. The ground of northern Europe was snow covered, but above the clouds in the moonlit sky, vapour condensation trails marked the bombers passage. Despite good visibility over the city, the Pathfinders were unable to accurately mark and most bombs fell-away to the south of the city. German night fighters attacked the bomber stream with good effect with 22 bombers failing to return home. Amongst those missing were F/O Gordon Jeffreys DFC, and crew of 49
Squadron, whose Lancaster had taken off from Fiskerton at 17.04hrs, along with 8 other 49 Squadron aircraft. This unfortunate crew were the first to be lost on operations flying from RAF Fiskerton; three members of the crew were killed and are buried in Kiel War Cemetery.

Lancaster ED444 (EA-C)
F/O G.S. Jeffreys Pilot (Killed)
Sgt R.S. Fermor F/E (P.o.W.)
F/O D.J. Robertson NAV (P.o.W.)
F/S N.E. Mortimer W/OP (P.o.W.)
Sgt H. Cowan A/G (Killed)
F/O C.A. Watts B/A (Killed)
Sgt J.E. Harrison A/G (P.o.W.)

Additional information courtesy of Ben van Drogenbroek:
He was imprisoned at the East Compound of Stalag Luft 3.
After the evacuation of Stalag Luft 3 on 27 January 1945, F/O Robertson ended-up at the camp Marlag/Milag near Tarmstedt.

He was born in Cornwall, Ontario in 1915 and "Posted Out" February 17th 1997 St Laurent, Quebec.