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P/O Les Mitchell completed a tour and a further 12 ops with 207Sqn before joining 49Sqn after the end of WW2.

P/O Mitchell (LHS) photographed with his first tour crew with 207Sqn......the pilot W/C David Balme is centre.
Image courtesy of the 207Sqn Association

Post war they took part in the PoW repatriation flights from Lille. In June the crew went on an aerial inspection of bomb damage to German cities including Dortmund, Bochum, Gelsenkirchen, Essen, Duisberg, Düsseldorf and München.

As 207Sqn were not selected to be part of the force to operate against Japan, the whole crew joined 49Sqn at Syerston who were to be part of Tiger Force.

With the dropping of the atomic bombs in August, Tiger Force never became operational.

The 207Sqn crew who transferred as a whole to 49Sqn are listed below.

D Balme....Pilot
D Brett....F/E
D Richardson....Nav
K Dagnall....B/A
J Evans....W/Op
A Haywood....MUG
L Mitchell....RG

Information supplied by Squadron Leader Don Richardson DFC RAF(Retd) who was David Balme's Navigator on 207 and 49 Squadrons.