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Served between 1953 and 1955.

Information kindly supplied by David Mann:

I enlisted for National Service on 10 Feb 1953 and after initial training was posted to Wittering where I joined 49 Squadron after it had moved in from Waddington. My first overseas trip with the squadron, as clerk in charge of the orderly room, was to Shallufa in October 1953, from where we made a rather hurried departure to Eastleigh at Government instructions to provide some support for the army who were already 'fighting' the Mau Mau. The squadron returned in February 1954 and was then transferred to Upwood. In October that year it went on a second mission to Eastleigh and I was despatched home for demob in the following February - as it happens, about a week before the SX984 accident. At the time of demob I had risen to the rank of SAC, having been offered the chance of being a Corporal if I stayed for 3 years - this I refused!!!

My time with the squadron, all spent as Orderly Room clerk, working closely with the adjutant, was a very enjoyable experience.

In relation to the loss of SX984 David adds:

The crash was a week after I had returned to the UK for demob. I believe I would have known the crew well and would have been flying as an observer with them the week prior to my departure for home.