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First Names
Edward Richard
Service Number
Crew Position
Wireless Operator/Air Gunner
Posting In
Posted in 5/43 and out 11/43 (to 630Sqn)


Flew 20 operations with 49Sqn.........first operation 16th June 1943 - final operation 3rd November 1943.

Courtesy of Sgt Howard's grandson (Josh Howard) we have images of his operations with 49Sqn.
The image above shows six operations flown in twenty days including the famous Peenemünde Raid.
Click the image or this link to view/download a PDF of his logbook showing his time with 49Sqn.

A picture of Lancaster ED448 M-Mother (with groundcrew) taken in March 1943. This Lancaster ended her career sliding down the main runway at Dunholme Lodge on her belly…. F/Sgt Oglesby and crew were landing following a training flight at 20.58hrs on 15 September 1943, when the undercarriage suddenly collapsed.
The crew were not seriously injured, but the Lancaster was a complete write-off.
This incident explains the gap in operational flying between this date and Sgt Howard's final operation with a new pilot in November 1943...... the crew were put on a charge for not leaving the aircraft immediately!

We are informed that following the remaining 10 operations flown with 630Sqn, Sgt Howard was promoted to F/Sgt and flew further operations as a Pathfinder with details of these operations are yet known.

Further information courtesy of Josh Howard:
My grandfather took part in the Berlin Airlift flying Avro Yorks and later he became a pilot and flew for companies like BOAC, BUA, Lakers and British Caledonian before retiring as a Captain when they ceased operations.

Captain E R Howard in the left hand seat of (as yet) an unknown aircraft.