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Joseph Grahame
Squadron Leader
Service Number
Crew Position
Posting In
Posted in June 1943 and out January 1944


Awarded the DSO.

Flew 11 operations with 49sqn.

Previously flew 21 operations with 37Sqn (for full history please follow the career link on this page).

Image courtesy of Liz Bruce (daughter of S/L Day)

Grahame Day (1937)

Thanks to Michael Day and Lizzy Bruce (son & daughter) we have are able to display a range of photographs and documents relating to the service of Squadron Leader Grahame Day.

Marriage to Joan Heard.......October 1942

S/L Day in the Officers Mess

S/L Day with crew members (yet to be named). The moustache was short lived.

JB466 and crew during the AOC's visit.

The last 49Sqn Lancaster flown by S/L Day (JB466 EA-A).

Waiting at dispersal for the armourers to "bomb up".

49Sqn armourers with a 4000lb 'cookie'.

S/L Day on a 'cookie'.

S/L Day is shown as operational to Berlin in November 1943.

This airman flew Lancaster ED999 at least for an image and information about this aircraft.

In February 1944 S/L Day was awarded the DSO.........

.....and received a congratulatory telegram.

Click this link to open the 49Sqn section of his logbook (9mb)


Thanks to the research of Michael Day we have the full lifestory of Joseph Grahame Day (PDF format)