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The 32nd Commanding Officer.

A page from his logbook whilst serving with 49Sqn (April 1951).

Image courtesy of Neil Smith.

The following is information regarding the logbook entry of "Operation Accent"

The above file held in the National Archives concerns Operation "Accent".
A second file has the reference AIR 77/30 and is titled......Performance of a fire control radar on site LN 75 during Operation ACCENT.

Additional information from Ed Norman, 49Sqn Archivist.........

Here's an entry in the ORB for April 1951: 

Compiled by P/O H. Hartley
Detached Flights: Nil
Nominal Roll of Officers:
Strength: Officers: Aircrew: Ground Personnel 19 50 N/A
Strength of other officers: 1 (RCAF)
Aircraft: Lincoln Mk 11 A/C
Establishment : 8
Strength: 8 Avro Lincoln Mk11 Medium range bomber 

Bomber Commands' exercise "Accent" was carried out from the 18th to 23rd of this month. This exercise was designed to test ground radar apparatus under the conditions of an attack by a heavy bomber force both by day and by night.
Previous practice was necessary as one part of the day exercises entailed position keeping a box formation 400yds x 400yds x 400yds. The simulated target was situated in East London and a series of attacks was carried out by aircraft of No.1 and 3 Groups operating in one case in the formation described above and in the other as a normal bomber stream.
A feature of this exercise was the quick fixing carried out by navigators during the run to the target, these fixes, being later checked with the results obtained by the ground radar apparatus. The weather remained fair to fine throughout the exercise and all details were successfully completed, reserve aircraft being available as replacements when needed.

Details of individual sorties are contained in the attached Form 541.

Training: Owing to the commitments of Exercise " Accent" squadron training sorties fell below the average. Practices for the exercise gave pilots much experience in position keeping and formation flying, but other continuation training, especially by night, was below he desired level.

Bomber Command progressive exercises were also limited for the same reason, but ten practice bombing details and 10 cross counties were successfully completed.

Details of individual sorties are contained in the attached Form 541.

On 5 June 1964 Her Royal Highness Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent, presented 49 Squadron with its standard.
Shortly after, 49 Squadron was disbanded at RAF Marham on 1 May 1965.