World War 1 Losses

The following table shows all incidents and losses suffered by 49 Squadron in WW1.
(researched by John Ward, President 49Sqn Association).

KIA = Killed in Action, KAS = Killed on Active Service, WIA = Wounded in Action,

PoW = Prisoner of War, INJ = Injured, EVD = Evader, OK = Uninjured.









Based at La Bellevue

DH 4 A7704   29/11/1917   Lt C.B. Campbell KIA 1AM W.A.E. Samways KIA
DH 4 A7740   29/11/1917   2nd Lt G S Stewart OK Lt D.D. Richardson OK
DH 4 A7708   04/12/1917   2/Lt G.H. Whyte KIA 2/Lt L.E. Coddington KIA
DH 4 A7747   16/02/1918   2/Lt A.H. Curtiss OK 2/Lt L.V. Gordon OK
DH 4 A7700   02/03/1918   Cpt W.G. Chambers OK Lt W.A. Duncan OK
DH 4 A7861  06/03/1918   2/Lt G.S. Stewart OK Lt D.D. Richardson OK
DH 4 C4530  06/03/1918   Lt J.H. Morris KAS 2/Lt G.W. Hasler INJ
DH 4 A7705  11/03/1918   Cpt T.E. Gorman OK Lt D.D. Richardson OK
DH 4 A7812  11/03/1918   2/Lt W.H. Valentine WIA Lt F.C. Aulagnier WIA
DH 4 C4520  25/03/1918   2/Lt C. Bowman OK Sgt Kelsall OK
DH 4 C4504  25/03/1918   2/Lt C. Bowman OK 2/Lt L.V. Gordon OK

Based at Boisdinghem

DH 4 C4501 29/03/1918  2/Lt G.S. Stewart KIA Lt D.D. Richardson PoW

Based at Petite Synthe

DH 9 D5578   20/04/1918   Lt B.W. Robinson PoW Sgt T.J. Wills KIA
DH 9 C6138   22/04/1918   Sgt S.J. Oliver WIA Sgt Kelsall WIA
DH 9 C6121   25/04/1918   Lt D.S. Cramb OK Lt R.C. Stokes OK
DH 9 C6182   25/04/1918   Lt F.D. Nevin OK Sgt Fathers OK
DH 9 D5554   01/05/1918   Lt D.S. Cramb INJ Sgt Bardsley INJ

Based at Conteville

DH 9 D5563   04/05/1918   Lt F.W. Lowen OK 2AM Martin OK
DH 9 C6094   09/05/1918   Lt G.A. Leckie KIA Lt R. Cuttle MC KIA
DH 9 C6177   15/05/1918   Cpt W.G. Chambers KIA Lt R.J. Burky USAS KIA
DH 9 B7649   19/05/1918   Lt N. Braithwaite WIA Lt F. Bellingan WIA
DH 9 C6181   19/05/1918   Lt C.G. Capel WIA 1AM J. Knight WIA
DH 9 D1002   19/05/1918   Lt F.D. Nevin KIA Sgt H. Barfoot KIA
DH 9 C6093   22/05/1918   Lt H.P. Mallett OK Lt C.B. Edwards OK
DH 9 C1173   25/05/1918   Lt R.C. Stokes OK 1AM L.C. Norman OK
DH 9 D462   30/05/1918   Lt R.H.B. Stephens KIA 1AM L.C. Norman KIA
DH 9 C6183   01/06/1918   Lt H. Ford INJ 1Am Carr INJ

Based at Fourneuil

DH 9 D1680  06/06/1918   Sgt S.J. Oliver OK Sgt E.G. Jones WIA
DH 9 C6114  07/06/1918   Lt A.H. Curtis OK Sgt A.W. Davies OK
DH 9 C6184  07/06/1918   Lt G.C. McEwan KIA Lt T.F. Harvey KIA
DH 9 D5585  10/06/1918   Lt L.R. Charron OK Lt F.E. Denison USAS WIA
DH 9 D7201  11/06/1918   Lt C. Bowman OK Lt L.V. Gordon WIA
DH 9 D1723  13/06/1918   Lt H.H. Gile USAS PoW Lt E.M. Nicholas PoW
DH 9 D461  17/06/1918   Lt E.J.P. Estlin OK Lt RHvR Scherk OK

Based at Beauvois

DH 9 C2222  26/06/1918  2/Lt J.G. Andrews OK 2/Lt J. Churchill OK
DH 9 B9334  27/06/1918  Lt J.C. Robinson PoW Lt I.C. Cocking PoW
DH 9 C2188  30/06/1918  Lt M.D. Allen OK Lt J. Ross OK
DH 9 C1176  01/07/1918  Lt M.D. Allen OK Lt J. Ross OK
DH 9 C6135  04/07/1918  Lt C.A.B. Beattie OK Sgt F.L. Roberts OK
DH 9 B9349  08/07/1918  Sgt S.J. Oliver OK Sgt R. A. Wootton OK

Based at Rozay-en-Brie

DH 9 D2872  15/07/1918  Lt C C Conover OK  Sgt R S Dobbie KAS
DH 9 B9335  16/07/1918  2/Lt J. Aitken KIA  Sgt S.W. Melbourne KIA
DH 9 D1727  16/07/1918  Lt C.A.B. Beattie WIA  Sgt F.L. Roberts OK
DH 9 D7234  20/07/1918  Sgt S.J. Oliver POW  Sgt A. Davies POW
DH 9 D7222  27/07/1918  2/Lt S.T. Franks OK  Sgt R.A. Campbell OK
DH 9 D3046  31/07/1918  2/Lt J.G. Renshaw INJ  2/Lt R. Kelly OK
DH 9 C1172  03/08/1918  2/Lt A.L. Murray OK  Sgt C.G. Mock OK
DH 9 B9340  03/08/1918  2/Lt H. Hartley OK  1AM Razor OK

Based at Beauvois

DH 9 D457   08/08/1918  Lt G S Ramsey OK  2/Lt B.T. Gillman OK
DH 9 D7231   08/08/1918  Lt G.S. Ramsay KIA  2/Lt W.M. Hartley KIA
DH 9 D6110   08/08/1918  Lt H.P. Mallett POW  2/Lt R. Kelly POW
DH 9 C2196   08/08/1918  Lt M.D. Allen OK  Lt J. Ross KIA
DH 9 C2152   08/08/1918  Lt J.A. Yates WIA POW  2/Lt G.R. Schooling POW
DH 9 C2202   09/08/1918  Lt J.A. Keating USAS OK  2/Lt E.A. Simpson OK
DH9 B9344   10/08/1918  2/Lt H. Hartley POW  Sgt O.D. Beecham POW
DH9 C2185   11/08/1918  Lt R.C. Stokes INJ  2/Lt C.E. Pullen INJ
DH9 D2861   14/08/1918  2/Lt J.G. Andrews KIA  2/Lt J. Churchill KIA
DH9 D1715   19/08/1918  Lt E.R. Wallington OK  2/Lt J.D. Hall OK
DH9 C6315   23/08/1918  2/Lt S.T. Franks WIA  2/Lt S.P. Scott OK
DH9 D3056   23/08/1918  Lt A.R. Spurling (DFC) OK  Sgt F.W. Bell (DFM) OK
DH9 C6209   25/08/1918  Lt S.B. Welch KIA  2/Lt D.C. Roy KIA
DH9 D1075   25/08/1918  Lt C.H. Stephens POW  2/Lt A.B. Henderson POW
DH9 D3164   25/08/1918  Lt C.C. Conover OK  2/Lt S.P. Scott OK
DH9 D5716   30/08/1918  2/Lt A.J. Girardot Evd  Sgt R. Reid (Read?) Evd
DH9 D3170   30/08/1918  2/Lt S.T. Franks OK  Lt A. Dewhirst OK
DH9 D3227   30/08/1918  Lt C.C. Conover OK  2/Lt S.P. Scott OK
DH9 F6141   01/09/1918  2/Lt E.C. Moore USAS OK  Lt A.L. Murray INJ
DH9 E636   ?3/09/1918  2/Lt L.W.D. Peacock OK  Sgt R. Reid (Read?) OK
DH9 D3269   03/09/1918  2/Lt B.G. Pool OK  Sgt R.A. Campbell OK
DH9 E623   03/09/1918  2/Lt S.T. Franks OK  Lt A. Dewhirst WIA
DH9 D3198   05/09/1918  Lt W.H. Stone KAS  Lt V.A. Fair MC OK
DH9 E667   16/09/1918  Lt E.R. Wallington OK  Sgt T Potter (G/Staff) OK
DH9 E658   24/09/1918  Lt H.J. Bennett KIA  2/Lt R.H. Armstrong POW
DH9 E8869   24/09/1918  Cpt E.D. Asbury KIA  2/Lt B.T. Gillman KIA
DH9 F6098   24/09/1918  Lt C.C. Conover POW  2/Lt H.J. Pretty POW
DH9 D1108   09/10/1918  2/Lt W.H. Crich OK  Sgt H.L. Dodson OK
DH9 D3223   28/10/1918  2/Lt W.E. McDermott OK  2/Lt R.H. St Amory OK

Based at Villers les Cagnicourt

DH9 D502 30/10/1918  2/Lt B.W. Cotterell KIA  Sgt W H Gumbley KIA
DH9 D3260 30/10/1918  Cpt H. Ford OK  2/Lt J. Whitehead OK
DH9 D3265 30/10/2018  2/Lt J.F. Higgins OK  2/Lt E.N. Andrews OK
DH9 F1144 04/11/1918  2/Lt J.W. McKinty OK  Sgt R.A. Campbell OK
DH9 F6125 09/11/1918  2/Lt H.S. MacNeice OK  Cpt Robinson OK

Based at Bavay

DH9 E8864 12/11/1918  Lt L.I.W. Boland OK  2/Lt N.J. Spencer OK
DH9 D1097 24/11/1918  2/Lt G.W. Waddington KAS  2/Lt B. Riley KAS


There are two additional deaths possibly due to the flu epidemic that was raging at the time.

Captain A C F Hill and AM1 H Knowles