49 Squadron Awards

10/11 November, 1940; DANZIG/MANNHEIM:

At 15.00hrs, orders came through requesting 6 aircraft for operations as follows: One to be equipped with long range tanks to attack any identified military objectives in Danzig - Nickels to be dropped on Danzig, the remaining 5 aircraft to bomb the primary - all aircraft to return to base during daylight. Three aircraft were to attack 15 minutes before the main raid to set fire to the target and assist the following aircraft (49 the first Pathfinders?) these were to carry incendiaries only.
Of the five aircraft sent to attack the primary; one returned early with engine trouble, P/O Green and crew were successful, 1 bombed the inland port of Mannheim, 1 returned early with engine failure!
The fifth aircraft failed to return from operations. F/O Alan Bulmer (aged 21) and crew (X2985) were last heard of 30 miles from the Norfolk coast attempting to reach home; tragically they never made it. The crew is remembered on the Runnymede Memorial.
The aircraft fitted with long range tanks (X3028), was flown by Sgt Price and crew, consisting of P/O Reid plus Sgts Young and Chamberlain. Their flight to Danzig was carried out under very bad flying conditions; icing was severe and snow made navigation extremely difficult. They located and dropped bombs on a railway target and also dropped leaflets over Danzig.

For their actions this night, Sgt Gordon Price received the Distinguished Flying Medal and the navigator, P/O Reid was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.