1305510 Sergeant Robert Hall HUDSON.

Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, No. 49 Squadron.

As air gunner, this airman has taken part in many sorties and has proved himself to be a fearless and determined member of aircraft crew.

On a recent occasion, during a fight with enemy aircraft, his gun turret was put out of action. 

Coolly and skilfully, however, Sergeant Hudson gave the necessary evading directions to his pilot, and thus played a good part in frustrating the attackers.

He set a fine example of courage and devotion to duty.

It is likely that this was recommended by Pilot Office Dickinson for his skill and determination on a previous mission. 
This was possibly their mission to Nurnberg 30th/31st March 1944 where Dickinson reported :

Escaped by corkscrewing continuously for eight minutes. Conduct of crew excellent. Gunners patter throughout attack was highly commendable. Claim JU88 was damaged by first burst from gunners’.   


Hudson was not aware he was going to be awarded the DFM, and received it posthumously.