49 Squadron Awards


On the night of 12/13th June 1940, S/Ldr Bob Allen (P1333) and crew experienced a most extraordinary evening of events. Whilst on route to their target they suddenly found themselves in the company of a Heinkel 111, which with the nerve and skill of night fighter aces, they soon dispatched in flames.
Buoyed on by this success, they continued towards their objective when once again another enemy aircraft was encountered. This time it was a JU 86 and it too fell victim to the Hampden's guns. The victorious crew then 'pressed on' to make a successful bombing attack on a cross-roads near Laon, arriving back at Scampton at 04.00hrs.
It came as no surprise to the squadron, when on the 26 June, 1940, S/Ldr R.S. Allen and Sgt Williams were awarded the DFC and DFM respectively. The other two members of the crew were Sgt A.R. Cadman and LAC Stretton.