Sgt A W Savory......Flight Engineer

For many years the 49Sqn Association has been welcomed to the Fiskerton Village Hall. The participants have especially welcomed their visit to the bar which, for many years, has been run by Alan Savory.

In discussions with Colin Cripps, the Squadron Researcher, Alan explained that he was adopted due to his father being killed in WW2.
He was rather unsure as to the cause, but he believed that his Father was in the RAF, was a Navigator and that he was killed in 1940.

Following Colin's research, it is now understood that his father was a Flight Engineer and was killed in November 1943.
Further research showed that he was killed flying with a crew that were, in the majority, ex-49Sqn.

F/O Smeaton, Sgt Gillam, F/S Nelson and Sgt Walton were all ex-49Sqn.

The photograph show Colin presenting Alan with the CWGC Loss Certificate and a package of information about his father's career.

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