The 70th Anniversary at Gravenhorst

At the church in Gravenhorst Deacon Peter Siefen lights a candle for each of the dead.

The article that appeared in the Ibbenbürener this link for a translation.

Herr Joseph Brink (brown coat) and wife Gertrud (blue coat) show us around the Catholic Cemetery where the air crew were moved to from their temporary field graves in 1945. They were then moved again to the Reichswald Forest War Cemetery in 1947 .

The German dead included seven members from the same family aged between 45 and 2 years old.

Herr Brink, Karen Maul Harkell (Edwin's daughter) , Mrs Liz Feller, Herr Bernd Pehle (Reverend and translator )

The ceremony at the memorial to the bombing raids near the Mittelland Canal.

Families and guests stand by the central memorial stone and plaque. 
Jon Coleman, Peter Harvey (Edwin's nephew), Karen Maul-Harkell (Edwin's daughter), Mrs Feller, Mr Maurice Harvey (Edwin's Brother in law), Herr Brink ,Herr Uwe Benkel.

The RAF families were shown the area where the two Lancasters crashed.
Karen, Peter, Liz, Herr Brink, Maurice, our interpreter and Jon.