The crew of Hauptmann Helmut Bergmann

Bergmann claimed 36 nocturnal aerial victories in 135 combat missions.

Photo credit: Bergmann/ Weitz/ Nimmo

Bergmann and his crew were shot down and killed on the night of 6/7 August, 1944 at Mortain on the Cotentin Peninsula.

Flight Lieutenant John Surman, flying a Mosquito may have shot them down as he claimed a Bf 110 destroyed. However, it may have been due to friendly fire from the 1st SS Leibstandarte Panzer division.

Photo credit: Bergmann/ Weitz/ Nimmo

From L to R:
Feldwebel Günther Hauthal, Hauptmann Helmut Bergmann and Feldwebel Sergeant Wilhelm Schopp.

Details of night operations on 27th April 1944.

On the night of 3-4th May 1944 during the raid to Mailly-le-Camp, Hauptmann Bergmann shot down 6 Lancasters in 30 minutes, for which he was awarded the 'Ritterkreuz'. These successes brought his tally up to 34 kills.

The information regarding Bergmann's death is from........ 
"Perilous Moon, Occupied France, 1944 - The End Game". Nimmo  Casemate 2012.