The other Lincoln crash

Sgt Stuart Keay was a junior Sergeant Pilot when, approaching Christmas 1953, he was instructed to fly Lincoln RF 349 from Eastleigh (Nairobi Airport) to collect bombs from the ammunition dump located in Aden. Although he was out of night flying practice he was ordered to make the flight. It is of interest to note that there was a Ball in the Officers' Mess that evening!

A night flight was normal in order to arrive in Aden during the 'cooler' conditions. During the take-off there was a surge of power which Stuart over corrected. The plane swung off the runway and the starboard undercarriage collapsed. Number 3 engine broke loose and the plane caught fire. Unfortunately, when the fire crew arrived the foam tenders were empty as they had failed to refill them following an earlier exercise.

Sgt Stuart Keay in his "short shorts".

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Lincoln RF 349 Accident Report

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