The report into the crash of JB235 on the 27th November 1943

An extract from "The Dog at War"...........

26/27 November, 1943; BERLIN:
On the previous trips Berlin had always been cloud covered, but on this occasion, as 440 Lancasters flew over the target the visibility was clear. Flak defences over Berlin, and fighters on the return leg accounted for 28 bombers and their crews.
As the bombers returned home, fog covered much of eastern England with many squadrons being diverted. As midnight approached, conditions at Fiskerton were quite severe. Radiation fog was 1;200ft deep and visibility down to 450yds. At 00.15hrs it was decided to light FIDO for 49 Squadron's returning crews. This was the first instance during the war, that FIDO was used operationally to bring down one complete squadron of bombers.
At 01.02hrs, Sgt Roy Richardson RAAF (JB235) flying 'Bandlaw C-Charlie' entered the 'funnel'.
Tragically, JB235 returning from its first operation, hit the ground short of the runway killing five of the seven this link to view the page of P/O Richardson and the comments of F/Sgt Clive Roantree who was piloting the next aircraft in the circuit.