Alan Parr

With the line of succession already in place, Alan took over the role of Association Secretary in March 2006 just after Tom Gatfield (the previous secreatary) was taken into hospital.
Tom's unexpected passing meant he was unable to give Alan any guidance but it also meant Alan was free to make subtle changes to our make-up.
Alan introduced of two new membership categories (Friends and Honorary Friends) which expanded our membership capabilities and his idea of a website put us ‘out there.’ 
Alans ‘new’ magazine format gave a more professional approach and successfully joined all our members together in a warm feeling of belonging.

Alan was the driving force to erect an Association Memorial at the National Arboretum in Staffordshire.
We believe that the memorial and magazine were Alan's crowning glories and his legacy to the Association.

Following a number of hospitalisations, Alan passed away in November 2020.

Alan (facing the camera) overseeing the inauguration of the Association memorial at the National Arboretum in June 2018.

The memorial's webpage

Alan Parr (centre) with Ted Cachart and Leslie Hay - photographed in Denmark at the memorial to JA691.
(Alan was the nephew of JA691's rear gunner - Sgt Bob Slaughter)