Boisdinghem, France 29 Mar 1918 - 30 Mar 1918

62500 Boisdinghem, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France

The map of the airfield at Boisdinghem
The much appreciated map provided by the Mayor of Boisdinghem Monsieur Michel Lheureux

Looking east towards the hanger area

Looking across the entire airfield from the NW corner (looking SE)

49Sqn and Boisdinghem
29 Mar 1918 - 30 Mar 1918

Casualties: 1x DH4, 1x killed, 1 x pow 49Sqn moved to Boisdinghem from Les Eauvis but only stayed here for a day.
At this time, although the German offensive was slackening, the RFC was suffering record losses.
It appears likely that Boisdingen was a staging post for 49Sqn's move to the Channel coast at Petite Synthe near Dunkerque.