Bickendorf (Butzweilerhof), Germany 29th May 1919 - 18th July 1919

DH9s at Bickendorf in December 1918

The remains of a German Gotha at Bickendorf Aerodrome
(December 1918)

An abandoned Junkers 884/17 at Bickendorf
(December 1918)

Post-war disarmament led to the disbandment of the Squadron on July 18th, 1919.

Details of Bickendorf


The name Bickendorf was given by the occupants in January 1919.
The German name was Butzweilerhof

This website shows the old RAF base which was torn down in 2007
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A runway to nowhere

The site is now IKEA Am Butzweilerhof