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Engine Fitter (2nd class)


Served in the period 1944-1945.

On 19 April, the squadron had received a stand down, so a flying programme of training was posted. At 11.47hrs, on that Thursday morning, F/O Dave Hytch (ME357) and crew took-off in C-Charlie bound for the Epperstone Bombing Range; from there they would proceed into the Wash to practice air sea firing. For air experience, the pilot offered to take along one of the aircraft's fitters, LAC Tyler.

During the afternoon, news filtered through to flights that the Hytch crew were missing - W/O Harley and crew landed and reported seeing a 'Lanc in the water'.

It later transpired that after completing their bombing practice, Dave Hytch proceeded to the air/sea firing area. Once there, the pilot reduced height to drop the flame float during which time he momentarily blacked out!

He recovered in time to level out the aircraft which however struck and entered the water - the time was 13.20hrs. All eight crew members successfully abandoned C-Charlie, (which sank within 3 minutes) and took to the dinghy. They were sighted adrift in the Wash, by an aircraft of the USAAF and later picked up by the coaster motor vessel "Northgate". which eventually landed them at Hull.
The crew had spent 1 1/2 hours in the dinghy.

Fortunately the whole incident had a happy outcome, with all involved being safely returned to Fulbeck that evening.

Ditched ME357
F/O D.I. Hytch Pilot (Rescued)
Sgt J. Dodgson F/E (Rescued)
F/S T.S. Harrison NAV (Rescued)
Sgt K. Scott W/OP (Rescued)
F/S R.H. Williams RCAF A/G (Rescued)
Sgt K. Read B/A (Rescued)
Sgt L. Broadbent A/G (Rescued)
LAC L. Tyler (Rescued)