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First Names
John Henry
Service Number
Crew Position
Flight Engineer


Period served: Between 1950 and 1952 (not all with 49sqn).

Comments (from Stuart Page, grandson):

The first page of his logbook states that 2487717 COT/ENG John Fellingham J.H. passed an Engineer's course with effect from 17/02/1951.

He then qualified as Engineer (air) Lincoln II A/C.

It appears he did his training with No 6 Squadron and No 57 Squadron. I believe his first mission with 49 Squadron was on the 21st August 1951.

The log goes on to describe each mission my Granddad flew in detail, including the missions he flew in RAF Shallufa as a Flight Engineer with Flight Officer Worrall as the pilot. To my untrained eye, it looks like he flew in several different Lincoln II's while he was operating out of RAF Shallufa: RF 354, RE 340, RE 361, RE 348.

It gives a complete list of the bases he served at, as follows:

RAF Padgate 11/09/1950
RAF St.Athan 27/09/1950
RAF Waddington 20/02/1951
RAF Scampton 10/04/1951
RAF Upwood 01/08/1951
RAF Shallufa 19/03/1952
RAF Upwood 02/06/1952
RAF Waddington 28/06/1952

According to the log book, he flew the Lincoln II, the D.H.4, and the Oxford.

John Fellingham is at the LHS of this picture taken during the 1952 Shallufa detachment.
(courtesy of Stuart Page)

(Comments by David Boughton, Post War Archivist)

There were seven in F/O Worrals crew because they still had the MUG.
Tthey were F/E Fellingham, Navs Harris and Simpson, W/Op Tony Perera, Gunners Robinson and Hood.
Because there are two more Lincolns in the background I suspect that this is the dispersal area at Upwood.

In this image as a Cadet, John is in the centre at the extreme rear.
(Unknown date & location)