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Posted in 10/44


Flew 34 operations with 49Sqn up until the end of the war.

Image courtesy of David Watson.

Image courtesy of David Watson

Flying Officer Watson is far right.

The other crew member (in no known order) are:

Sgt L B Duers (FE) , Sgt A B Bowers (NAV) , Sgt F W Price (W/OP)Sgt W I James (AG) , Sgt R D Elliott (AB) , F/Sgt A N C Butler (Pilot/AG).

Points to note from Association President John Ward regarding the above photograph of ME308:

She is equipped with AGLT (Village inn) a radar aided rear turret. You can just spot the radome near the tail fin. 
This was manned by a Pilot Rear Gunner.. 
Another little curio..... something I have only seen on 'A' Flt 49 Sqn. If you look at the bottom of the crew ladder, you can just make out the heads of sweeping brushes. These have been added by the ground crew so that boots could be cleaned before climbing aboard! 
ME308 had the callsign 'Aloft - F for Fox' she joined 49 in Nov 44. She flew on 30 operations before her demise. 

An image of an unknown Lancaster taken from the tail turret of ME 308.