A guide to the 49 Squadron website

The aim of this page is to provide a number of links to pages that will give the viewer a sample of what the website contains.
(Each sample page will open in a new window)

In locating WW1 airfields used by 49 Squadron we felt that we were rescuing pieces of information that would otherwise be lost.

The Personnel Index is the heart of the website with a page for every known airman from 1916 to 1964. Some pages are full of content but others are not so detailed. Below is a sample of what the Personnel Index contains.

The Roll of Honour:

Prisoners of War:

Evaders (WW2 only):


The Groundcrew section is contained in one list.........1916 to 1964:

The Cemeteries menu contains images of every location where a member of 49Sqn is buried. Recent work has included the final resting place of those who once served with the squadron but were killed elsewhere. The menu leads you to cemeteries overseas and in the UK. Each cemetery page has a link to those buried there.

The Prisoner of War Camps section relies on third part information and photographs. However, each camp has links to those airmen who were held there.

Honours and Awards covers decorations given to 49Sqn aircrew. A few of the names are linked to the details of the award.

Squadron Memorials, Gallery and Documents are self explanatory and are interesting to browse through.
The Aircraft Losses menu allows you to find the circumstances of every loss via the date or serial number/type of aircraft.
The final menu items are also self explanatory and lead you to the final, but important Update Log. This allows viewers to easily indentify and locate new items.