The Webmaster is happy to give presentations to interested groups on a range of subjects described below.........some directly involve the history of 49Sqn but others are of general military history interest.

Presentations can be modified to suit the audience.........both in length and type of content.

The Webmaster only asks for his travelling expenses, a cup of tea (with biscuit) and, depending on location, an overnight stay. However, a small donation to Association funds is always appreciated.

The Webmaster is based close to York.

Groups who have already asked for a talk include:

  • RAFA
  • Probus
  • U3A
  • Village Hall Associations
  • Ladies Associations
  • Church Groups

All the talks focus on human interest stories and include personal experiences wherever possible. They are not intended for audiences who wish to know the most intricate detail of a story.

Malcolm's Military Meanderings:

From Paramali to Pirate Island......bits of military history that I've bumped into over the years whilst travelling through Europe with an understanding wife and tolerant children.

The day that changed my life:

The story of a holiday in Denmark when I found a memorial to a crashed Lancaster. This discovery led me on another journey to find out what I could about those involved.

Peenemünde and the V2s:

The development of the V2 and the planning and execution of the raid on 18th August 1943. This is a more detailed version of the previous talk.

Cyprus....Living the Life:

An overview of life in Cyprus from personal experiences. I went there as a young teacher in 1973 and currently spend part of the year living there.

Cyprus.....Blessed by nature and cursed by history:

A more in depth look at how Cyprus has been a troubled land for many years.

The History of Nicosia Airport:

An in-depth look at the history of the airport from the earliest days to its abandoned state today.

The 'Cyprus Green Line' and the 'Battle for Nicosia Airport':

First hand experiences of walking the Green Line through Nicosia and details of the tense battle for the airport in July 1974.

Attacks on the German Transport system:

The attacks on the Dortmund Ems and Mittelland Canals and the first use of the Grand Slam against the Bielefeld Viaduct.

The Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall and Inner German Border:

The history of the Berlin Wall (and Inner German Border) and the background to how they came 'crashing' down. I was fortunate to be living in Germany at the time. This talk can be quite detailed needing two sessions, a shortened version in one session or a general talk about the joys of living in Berlin.

York's Baedeker Raid:

I started by wanting to collate information already published. However, discrepancies between accounts and my lack of understanding of the the capability of each side led to a much more researched story......information from many books, city & county archives and the National Archives in London have helped produce (what I hope is) an accurate account.

The Three Surrenders:

The complex and often confusing series of surrenders which brought WW2 to an end are explained. Having lived near the Lüneburg Heath surrender site for several years I was puzzled to find another surrender location when I went to live in Berlin and even more confused when I was on holiday in Reims and discovered yet another surrender museum.

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